CURTAIN CALL - book a show!

Poledance show

Your venue needs to have a ceiling height of 2,4-3,2 meters and a firm ground to place the stage pole, approx 2x2 m of spacing on the ground. Poledance shows are 5-10 minute performances with music, prop and show. Can be fitted to a theme, clothing removal burlesque style (topless) upon request.

Striptease show

With or without a pole. No glass or other sharp objects on the floor! Striptease is removing clothing until fully nude. Striptease shows are 10-15 minutes and can also be paired with other of my offered services. Show includes music and props, can be designed to fit the occasion with a special theme or a request to give extra attention to somebody in the crowd. If you want me to stay longer for entertainment than just one show, please mention this in your booking inquiry.

Hostess services

Hosting services available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Besides regular hosting tasks, I am up for table service and bartending. Hosting can be combined with a show. I offer topless hosting with an extra fee.

GoGo dancer

 GoGo and club dancing for nightclubs, festivals and rave parties. Dance gigs for 6-10 hours, with decent pauses. Gigs can be done with any kind of music, live or DJ.

Other projects (music video production etc)

I'm up for other projects such as acting or dancing roles in music videos or other video production, collaborations with other content creators and other roles within the entertainment or erotic industry. Send me a e-mail or contact me on instagram to discuss your idea!

Tailor your own service
Do you want to tailor your service to make it fit your theme? Contact me and let us discuss!