Please be aware that I don't provide full service sexwork, and will not note your booking inquiry if this would be mentioned.

For all services and shows, travel costs will be added.
For shows with a stage pole, I travel with my own car. For services without, I use public transportation, if possible.
Please make sure your venue has a backstage or possibility to arrange one, with shower and mirror. For longer shows or shows that requires a long travel, I will expect the booker to arrange a private facility for sleeping and food arrangements at the venue, or compensate for such. 

Example of pricing (all prices are starting at!)

Poledancing show 200€
Burlesque show 200€ 
Striptease shows for private parties, bachelors parties etc 300€ 
Striptease shows for restaurants/occations with ticket sale 400€ 
Hosting start price at 50€ / hour
GoGo dancing start pricing at 250€ 
Workshops pricing by attendants  starting at 12€ / attendant
Travel cost by car fixed sum depending on location
Travel cost by public transportation, price of the ticket (home-venue-home) or fixed sum 

Please fill out the form below or e-mail me. Let me know what you are interested of, I can make you a offer!