picture: @epframes


Since a kid, I’ve reached out for the opportunity to be the main character. My parents encouraged me to have hobbies like dance, music and theatre and I have always loved to be in front of a big crowd.
I found that entertainment and entertaining in all forms is something I love to do, and what I’ve dreamed of to be able to work with! 

 As an erotic entertainer, I’ve been in the industry for two years, with striptease and adult entertainment.

I started out with poledance in 2016 and fell in love with it completely, it has been a part of my life since then! I teach poledance on a weekly basis in my co-owned studio Wasa Vertical and I’ve also visited other studios in Finland to teach workshops.

 For my shows I love especially floor dancing and including the audience into the show. I tend to serve a smile and touch, to include everyone in the room.  I love to tell a story with the music, express feelings and enlighten feelings in the audience. The best shows are those that are not planned - improvising and go with the flow is my cup of tea!

 Besides dancing, I also produce adult entertainment content on my onlyfans platform. I’ve worked solo and with other creators.

Absolute highlights:
- been seen in YLE “Efter nio” tv show talking about onlyfans
- dancing at Finlands biggest erotic fare “sEXHIBITION”
- dancer in the music video “sexyback” by metal band Cometron


70 DD

Curvy, trained body with visible muscles. Lots of tattoos, pierced nosewing. I care for my hair, nails and skin and my go to is a more glam look rather than a natural one.


I perform with flexibility tricks on the floor and pole, but I don't consider myself to be a trickster
I love to wear costumes, but not wigs
I prefer heels, 7-8 inch, whenever I perform or entertain customers
I'm experienced in customer service for over a decade, I handle small talk and entertaining with an ease! 

Portfolio of some projects

Music video "Sexyback" by Cometron
TCDF modeling - Picture taken by EPFRAMES photography 
Performances at Nightclubs 
Workshop at IMPI studio in Helsinki